An open letter to 2021 From Me

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Dear 2021,

I hope, I can tell my grandchildren during narrating the stories about the apocalyptic year of 2020, that you had been a kinder one.

With officially biding my farewell to the worst year, I, a hapless Homo sapiens again have put some lofty expectations for 2021, even after the year 2020 barged mercilessly and swiftly marched through my life with not net outcome. Human soul never gets tired of hopes and dreams. May be, that is supposed to make us feel alive.

With starting of January 2020, I had naΓ―ve hopes and antipations that glittered with the bursting sparklers that lighted up the sky on New year’s eve. I had presumed the arrival of a new decade may be the year for me. It was convinced that the year will be a fresh start for me. However, at another instance,I found myself yanked out of my anticipated cocoon and flung,trapped within a maze of adversities and uncertainties ( like an experimental miceπŸ˜‘)

I expected to see my stars align accordingly for making my dreams come true but it turned out to a year of testing my strength and resilence and with that constant saying to myself ‘ This too shall pass’

2020, had crushed my heart with betrayal. My eyes get welled up and I whimper by your merciless practices.

It was an adieu for the year but I have no tales about gleaming successes, milestone achievements, spell-bounding adventures. Rather my blogs are mainly flooded with facts of inspirations that assisted me to get through the days.

So January 2021, with your arrival and some positive news rolling out, my child’s heart is still buoyant with hopes. I am done romancing and complaining about the previous year.

Thus I am letting go. I am slowly picking up the pieces and going to step out of the rut. I have not given up with my conscious efforts of indulging in self-care practices, building connections and cultivating consistently with good habits. Lots of pivotal lessons have been learned, I am strong enough to hope again for finding a silver lining through the darker clouds. I am heartened from the last year, that whatever sad happens, I can survive.

Thus ,it reminded me of Stephan King’s ‘The Shawshank Redemption. ( I have become a binge person after this year and a bug of movie watching!). Here are some of legendary quotes form the movie.

I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I Hope. “

Yes, that insane feeling of hope made Andy dig through the walls of jail and come out seeking his freedom. That dangerous hope, which can never be snatched or captured also made Red meet his friend delivering a cathartic moment of happiness at the end.

” Get busy living, or get busy dying. “

In 2020, We all have experienced equivalent harrowing and brutal fate like the prisoners of Shawshank . So felt it. The poignancy can’t be understated.

Let Hope be that potent spade in 2020 that destroy the walls of darkness.


A Hopeful Human.

Thank you for your time in reading this.😊

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Rhythms and blues of mind finding a shape through poetry, curated musings of life, a soul food with some quarter spoon of salt

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